About us

Women_Mujeres Spanish Film Festival is a collection of Spanish award winning contemporary movies, directed either by women or men, which present an overview of the situation of women in Spain 35 years after the fall of the Franco dictatorship. In addition to these works, the festival will also feature a number of astounding British short films.

And a cine forum / Q&A will be hosted after each exhibition.

All the screenings (Spanish version with English subtitles) will be with Spanish ambience, food and drink.

The events will take place in London, from Thursday 8th March (International Women’s Day), till Sunday 11th March.

However, Women_Mujeres is more than that.

W_M is an invitation to reflect together about today’s female and also male roles in society, because both are essential and equal.
W_M is a Spanish & British cinematic meeting, but Supranational at same time.
W_M is born from the will of overcoming unfair barriers made by inequality.
W_M is a cry of dignity for every single human being in the world.
W_M is an opportunity to meet new enthusiastic and creative talents united to make this Festival real.
W_M is one way among thousands to show that culture & education are the best vehicles to make people free.
W_M is a global project developed with patience, perseverance, commitment, hope and lots of love.
W_M is, last but not least, a dream come true.



Festival Director & founder: Ly Freixes (lydia.freixes@gmail.com)
Producer: Alberto Bañares (albertobanares@gmail.com)

Screening Guests: Laia & Pete

Laia Gonzalez joins our team! She will be hosting our Women_Mujeres Spanish Film Festival.
Laia is a Spanish trained actress who landed in London two n’ a half years ago. With an interesting background that goes from production, management and writing to music, she describes herself as a communicator. No matter what the audiovisual platform, she uses the ideal aid that suits her. She is versatile and is known to ‘be in the moment’ where she expresses her creativity in style and with charisma.
Laia loves to collaborate with other minds alike, bringing together different backgrounds, cultures and experiences. She sees herself as a tool, a medium of emotions, words…and silence.
Laia takes on this new challenge and will help us to take you as an audience through a journey so you can discover, feel, and enjoy all our passion and amazing stories we can’t wait to tell you!
Reel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ApMmdjmMPQ / http://soundcloud.com/harleen-q

Peter Sharp will use his wild and wacky life stories to connect, inspire and create discussion around the themes and ideas of the festival. He was born upside down onto the wooden floor of an old house and ever since then has seen the world from another point of view. Share your perspectives and I’m sure you’ll feel right at home with his down to earth open attitude. He has also been more than generous helping correct all the stuff for the promotion of W_M. On March he will fly from Barcelona, his new home, where he enjoys getting lost, meeting people who dare to be different and ‘venturing where no man has been before’…and by that he means into the Spanish Pyrenees.  

Logo & all the graphic design by Isa Bonilla

Promotional short film:
Directed & written by Mireia Pujol
Cinematography by Alberto Bañares

Poster picture by Zoe López
www.zoelopez.carbonmade.com, www.zoe-lopez.blogspot.com, www.flickr.com/photos/z_nub/

Creativity support: Natalia Tzvetkov

Volunteers: Raquel, Francisco, Ieva, Lucas, Angela, Lauren, Nuria, Jana.

Soul: Enric Ll., Ana B. G., Isabel C., Kenovius, Xavi S., Pep F., Manolita C., Simon W., Valérie A., Belén B., Maria A. y todo el grupo cinéfilo de BCN, Sara H., Jo A., and all the collaborators that helped W_M to see the light.


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