Sat. 10th Mar. 9.30pm

Tickets for that session will be sold exclusively at Blackall Studios on the screening day as from 9 pm. Email bookings, for up to 4 tickets, are also available at

Tickets will be reserved until 15 minutes before the show.

SHORT:Marigolds directed by Stephanie Zari (16′)

(In English)


FILM: Mataharis directed by Icíar Bollaín (95’)

(In Spanish with English subtitles)



“Talking about superwoman myth”

Julia e Irma, mothers and entrepreneurs, arrived inLondonmany years ago, 8 and 20 respectively. After having fulfilled their professional careers tehy decided in their early thirties to start a family. They both have a boy, a girl and a long-term partner. When they met at playgroup four years ago they instantly connected, possibility because they both have the same sense of humor, lots of energy and an unstoppable desire for creating something exciting. They started Fiesta, the Spanish catering venture which provides authentic and delicious foods to the Women_Mujeres Spanish Film Festival. They want to transfer their love for Spanish food and culture to others around them.

We will be able to talk with them about the SUPERWOMAN MYTH after screening the movie: Mataharis, on Saturday 10th of March in the Blackall Studios (Shoredicht).

As Irma and Julia said: “It is challenging to combine motherhood and running a business but we believe it is possible to achieve a successful family-work balance”.  


More info:

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