Sun.11th Mar. 9.30pm

Don’t miss the opportunity of being part of it 😉 buy your ticket now!

SHORT:I will tell you 
directed by Rachel Tillotson (10′)

(In English)


FILM:Three days with the family directed by Mar Coll (85’)

(In Catalan with English subtitles)



Aida Oset is the actress who performs as one of the main female characters in the astonishing last (but not least!) film of this edition of the Women_Mujeres Film Festival: Three days with the family. She has kindly accepted to join us for the screening of her film.
Aida studies music, performing arts and movement in Barcelona (Spain). She has worked as an actress in cinema (Tres dies amb la família, Forasters), TV ( El cor de la ciutat, Ermessenda, La otra ciudad…) and theatre ( The lonesome West – Martin McDonagh-) . With lots of talent, she has also been working as a singer / songwriter for  a number of different bands and projects. For the last 4 years, she’s been leading the band Lady in Black (Prelude to the Rain, 2010)


More info:

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