Thurs. 8th Mar. 7pm

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Opening Gala special intervention


On the W_M Opening Night we will be more than glad to share a virtual moment with Manuela, born in Madrid on March the 8th, 1912:

A woman with a century of life behind her…
…100 years of experience, not everybody can say that!

She was born into a wealthy family and her mother gave birth to her at the ripe old age of 33 years. Curiously enough, she was the fourth of eight children.

Manolita, as her family uses to call her, got married at age 22, with Abundio Valverde.
In 1936, just months before the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War she had her first son, Gonzalo. The following year, during the war her daughter Maria Teresa was born.

These were years of hardship, hunger, isolation, insecurity and despair. Manolita’s family had very little to eat and that little was thanks to her husband. He was not in the front, but had to provide his services to certain military secretaries. Thus, getting food to take home to the family.

She still remembers the night when her husband had to call the doctor as she showed severe signs of malnutrition. Since both babies were breast-feeding, she couldn’t overcome her persistent anemia. That night, the doctor had to pull the little Maria Teresa out off her breast, saying to Manolita that she could have more children, but that baby couldn’t have another mother.

Her older brother disappeared in the war, which she still remembers with sorrow.

Today, Manolita is the survivor of all those around her and enjoys her children, her grandchildren and 8 great-grandchildren, of which the oldest is 26 and the youngest is 4 months.


SHORT: Knock off directed by Rosanne Flynn (10′)

(In English)

FILM: Alone directed by Benito Zambrano (101′)

(In Spanish with English subtitles)



Sonia Campos Valverde
Life coach

Woman, professional, mother, daughter and sister, Sonia Campos had the knowledge about the tribulations of being a young and mature mother, she had her first daughter when she was a teenager and her son at 35.
Sonia has taken advantage of the dynamic array of life lessons that have helped her become a fighter and an optimist.
She has held her professional career in the field of Tourism and Public Relations, in which she discovered her passion to be a Life Coach.

Through coaching – which is a philosophy of life – Sonia helps people develop their full potential.
She likes to describe herself as a self-taught, curious, creative and enthusiastic woman and mother.
Sonia has nicely prepared a very special and inspirational session for our Opening Gala cine forum. Don’t miss her workshop after the screening of Alone, directed by Benito Zambrano.

More info:

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